How long will my photopostcard take to arrive at its destination?

Your photopostcard will be printed and posted within 24hr of uploading. From then it depends on the delivery address to when it will arrive. Domestic delivery will be 1-2days. For international times please refer to the Australia Post guidelines at http://www1.auspost.com.au/international/index.asp

Why doesn't the cropper allow me to resize my image any smaller?

Depending on the quality of your uploaded photo the cropper will set the minimum allowable resize amount in order to maintain the quality of the final print.

Why is my photopostcard blurry or pixelated?

Photos that have been taken from mobile phones or certain digital cameras can limit the quality of the photo. Please try and use your highest quality photo and try not to crop excessively.

What do I do if I have a photo taken in portrait rather than landscape orientation?

After uploading you can simply rotate the image by clicking the "Rotate Right" / "Rotate Left" buttons on the crop screen.

What do I do if the recipient does not receive my photopostcard?

You will be notified if there are technical difficulties with your photopostcard. Sometimes photopostcards can be “lost” in the mail and although this is very rare, like you, there isn’t a lot we can do about it.

Can I send a photopostcard with sexually explicit and/or illegal activity on it?

To guarantee the postcard arriving at its destination it is best kept PG or legal.

What stock will my photopostcard be printed on?

All postcards will be printed on 350gsm card with a glossy front and matt back. 105 mm x 148 mm.

Will my details be kept private?

Absolutely, your details and addresses will only be used to post your photopostcard and for research and analysis for us to improve the service that we offer you.

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